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New Website for Ljósanótt

Children at the opening ceremony
Children at the opening ceremony

To mark the 20th anniversary of Ljósanótt we launch this new website. The web design company Stefna is in charge of the design in collaboration with the Ljósanótt team. The main purpose of the web is to give good information on the festival's program and events as well as to bring news and necessary  information when needed. 

People in charge of events enter information to the web themselves by clicking the tab "Skrá viðburð" in the top right corner on the Icelandic version. The events are then reviewed and approved and then published on the website. Information can be entered in English as well as Icelandic. They can also be shared to Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to them.

Since the web is new minor imperfections may be expected and therefore we would appreciate information about them through email on